From the Days of Morf (Avenging Knights accounts)

It all fell from mercy here, at the bottom of the world. They silently asked for cruelty, many voices that murmured like droplets of acid on steel in the dark. Their eyes, hideous burning eyes, brighten the Caves of Cabenook, on a path leading to even lower depths. This brave man walked unwaveringly without caring about what was in front of him. His face held no mask, only exhibited genuine emotions about his present surroundings. He echoed, “Stay fair, demons. I came to either talk or subdue.
What is your decision?”

As he finished, the many voices and many eyes encircled him like a cage without bars. The cavern now showed the bottomless underneath that even shook the man. They replied, “WE CHOOSE CRUELTY AND WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL.”

The man smiled and drew his weapons, two swords, one in each hand as the long one emitted a soft glow, “I am so happy you said that,” the man replied. “Do you know my name?”

The voices began to snicker, refusing to answer as the sound was too much for the walls as rocks started to fall into the bottomless pit.

“I am Sir Cedric of Po, The Ardoen Lord!!”

The voices change as the laughter stops and the hissing begins. Some eyes fled while others stayed. They were terrified and knew this would not end well…

–From the Chronicles of the Kingdom of Ardoenia, Era of the Days of Morf (Continuing lore of the Avenging Knights)

*all copyrighted K. G. Bethlehem–Avenging Knights

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