On Location Series #38-GW Memorial Parkway First Outlook

Regarding my collection, this event had to be one of the most unprompted on location in history.

I was on my way to visit a client, leaving Arlington, Virginia, and heading towards Rockville, Maryland. It isn’t a short drive, specifically if I drive in rush hour traffic, but my good planning causes me to leave the office before 1 pm. Plenty of time prior to the end of the day, commuters converge on the roadways.

Driving down GW (George Washington) Parkway, I first went by an exit named “Scenic outlook.”

I barely glanced over and briefly saw something that resembled water hidden by the trees.  I made a quick mental note and proceeded on my way. 

Again I saw a sign up ahead that read “Scenic outlook,” but this time, instead of storing it in my consciousness, I pulled into the parking area. I looked at my watch, and time was my ally at this point. I exited the vehicle, shirt and tie dressed sporting my soft bottom brown dress shoes, and walked towards the metal guard just before the tree line.

I glanced around and saw a couple of paths heading towards the bank of the Potomac River in full disclosure and knew I was not about the venture any further.  My outfit was not realistic for a hike.

I pulled out my phone and took a few pictures of the blue sky, invaded by cumulus clouds and a mild late summer temperature. It was a good day in my judgment, maybe too warm to warm a long sleeve dress shirt, but it wasn’t uncomfortable for me—well, for a short time at least.

The trees seem to protect the visual of the river, mainly from my point of view.  I just saw glances of the running water, and it was running at incredible speeds.  The sight of all of this was the reason for the “Scenic outlook” signs.  I suppose this locale would be a nice respite for a couple wanting alone time amongst the public gaze and not caring.  Nature would be their entertainment for this setting…

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