Explosion by Coffee with Ralph (Friday Night Poetry Corner #280)

Good evening everyone, and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring this dope poet, Ralph, or his full moniker, “Coffee with Ralph.” The name of the poem is called “Explosion.” Please visit this poet’s page to read more of his work! You won’t be disappointed.

Ralph with Coffee

strangely, there’s no regret.
perhaps this was waiting to happen:
shouting at the top of the lung,
spitting out all dumb words,
and stomping like a gorilla.

I felt a dark fermented matter
evaporating from white hot fury.
it may have been in a blind spot corner
but now it’s gone, there’s clarity
there’s lightness in the heart.

Is this what I had been ignoring all along?
has this monster been in my blind spot all this time?
how can I address the stem of this element?
it’s a time for a change.
change to see things for what they are
and moving towards a better light.

낯설다. 분노의 탈이 쓰인 모습이.
어디에서 온것이고
어떻게 생기게 된것이고
왜 존재하는가
의문심을 품게 되는 저녁이다.


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