A quick look at “Rogue”

COMING IN Dec. 2022!
EXCERPT: Chap. 7

Slightly more than an hour later, Titan Delano and Kris Bemington arrived at a secluded log cabin nestled deep in a wooded region just outside the city limits. The exterior of the cabin looked as if it been abandoned for decades. Rotted wood encompassed the quaint habitat proudly while broken glass on several windows gave a dismal glimpse inside. Rusted hinges barely held the door in place and loose planks on the porch stairs creaked, squeaked, and jittered with each step.

“Home sweet home,” Kris humorously crackled.

“Yep!” Titan chirped as they walked into the equally dilapidated interior. “Think we should tidy the place up a bit?”

Kris erupted in laughter, “Sure!” he tweeted, as each of them simultaneously activated well concealed consoles. The interior suddenly transformed into a sleek, stylish and high-tech computer control room as the entire cabin began descending into the ground leaving nothing on the woodsy surface to indicate it ever existed.

As elaborate as The Bunker was, it was also rather quaint once you reached the main level. The shelter closely mirrored a 3-bedroom home and was equipped with all the basic necessities; restroom, kitchen, sleeping quarters, a private office and control room. Titan Delano and Kris Bemington had started the project approximately five years earlier, gradually including additions over time. They used a portion of their 401Ks and financed out-of-pocket. They decided to only do a little each year as to not completely exhaust their savings and to allow themselves time to re-save.

In their line of work and experience, they had witnessed an array of political and social corruption and cover-ups and were privy to inside knowledge on major crime organizations and their actions. Their professions also granted them with some excellent connections in the media industry throughout the world. These connections would become very valuable as they began working to fulfill The Bunker’s true purpose—expose world corruption to the people and to ensure those responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent possible…

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