ROGUE—By F. Kenneth Taylor

What happens when 2 top-notch spies meet and realize they’re being played as pawns in a global conspiracy? They go “ROGUE”

*picture above is Amunta Zaglhoul, Egyptian spy pending approach to Fortaleza City, Brazil by F. Kenneth Taylor

*Release date: 12/14/2022

F-Kenneth Taylor

3 thoughts on “ROGUE—By F. Kenneth Taylor

  1. The mainly crime/detection Scottish writer Iain Rankin wrote an early novel, “Watchman”, with a similar theme (though I read it some time ago, so I may get some things wrong). A rogue group within British intelligence gains a presence within the IRA and uses it to eliminate a British agent who was growing suspicious, by instructing an IRA hitman. When the hitman is sent to eliminate another British agent who’s seen what he shouldn’t have, the result is that the hitman is persuaded he’s been manipulated and the two of them act together.

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    1. Damn. That’s a good analogy. Never knew about the IRA and BI relationship. I always assumed they were natural foes but I can see the
      Manipulation by the British to use them in their insidious way (well it’s fiction but would be insane if it were real 🥺)


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