On Location Series #35–Greenbrier State Park

I admit this On Location was a bit of a switch. I have been advertising for the past few weeks prior to doing the hike that I would tackle, South Mountain State Park, and indeed, I was at the park.

Well, kind of…

I was actually in Greenbrier State Park, which was near South Mountain. I think I took the wrong turn, or maybe the signs weren’t clear. My GPS was confused as it indicated I was at South Mountain, though it was Greenbrier. Nevertheless, I started my hike on a clear yet chilly April afternoon.

There were quite a few people out, mostly sitting near the lake. The campgrounds, just under 40 feet away from the lake, were almost filled up. The visitor’s center was closed but had extra maps on the newsstand just outside the front door. I grabbed one and proceeded to the first path called the “Appalachian trail” but then…

It began to drizzle.

The entire hike, engulfed in the rain, made me less happy to continue this trek. It was light at first, but it began to pour down after an hour. The path was beginning to look like a stream with numerous rocks submerged into the earth. It stopped a few times, and I took pictures and recorded a few videos.

Unfortunately, that did not last long.

So honestly, it was an “okay” excursion with the trees still bare from the past winter. After I left the park made my way to the local neighborhoods. Two pathways lead to the Annapolis Rocks and the other to Washington Monument (I explored the monument and wrote about it on ‘On Location Series #21’ right here https://kgbethlehem.blog/2020/07/03/on-location-series-washington-monument-state-park-21/ ), but I could not do so due to the lateness of the day explore it further. But I did take some cool pictures while walking the overpass…

Hopefully, I will have a better report on the next hike.  Thank you for taking your time to visit this page; see you later in time.


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