Disclosure from the Luna King himself…

It changed many things…

The blood men relax during the moonlight solstice, the absent of good was apparent. They thought of nothing and it was believable to the land of saints.

I wanted to believe as my ancestors did during the Era of the Days of Morf. After the fall of Wolfbangous–the demon chief. They had faith in an age of honor as it haste the fall of the evil ones. I knew from the age of transition I would be king of my kingdom. That honor and grace would be helpmates to my rule. It did not happen–

The reasons I cannot speak of, it is unfortunate.

I had to call for them, beyond the Crimson gates. They came and displayed many faces.

The Keltmangers…

-Lord Saxmous’s regrets. Read more about him in Avenging Knights Rebirth of Lost Honor

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