Black History—Gertrude Margaritte Ivory Bertram

Gertrude Margaritte Ivory Bertram was born in Clarkesville, Georgia on February 17, 1916. In 1937, Bertram began nursing school at Brewster Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. After graduation, Bertram joined the Army Nurse Corps in May 1941. She was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where she worked as a ward nurse. In February 1943, Bertram was deployed to Liberia, where she would be stationed for eight months at the 25th Station Hospital in Monrovia. Bertram and the twenty-nine other nurses of the 25th Station Hospital returned to the United States in October 1943. For the remainder of the war, Bertram was stationed at Camp Livingston in Louisiana, where she assisted in conducting research on penicillin trials. After the war, Bertram continued to work in nursing in the field of public health.

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