Upcoming novel by F. Kenneth Taylor


Final Approach: Fortaleza City, Brazil: 0900hrs

The steady hum of the C-130 was all too familiar to her and she could tell from the slight vibrational shift, they were close. The cargo bay lights switched from white to red just as her comms unit chimed. She tapped her earpiece. “Make it quick, Sir,” she whispered.
“Remember,” Director Haker firmly voiced, “everything is reported directly to me, maintain radio silence until you have viable intel, achieve mission objectives at all costs, and you will be disavowed if captured. The rest of your gear is at your hotel. And Amunta, be careful.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied, ending the transmission as the red lights now turned green, and the large, rear cargo ramp began to open. She unfastened the seatbelt, stood from the red, netted seat, lowered her visor, and sprinted towards the cargo ramp.

She nosedived from the aircraft like a bullet; arms pressed tightly against her body and legs close together. A few seconds later, her in-helmet HUD displayed her stats; SPD 181MPH…ALT 30,874FT…TEMP -31.2…COMP: NE / LAT -3.731862 / LONG -38.526679. After freefalling approximately 7 minutes, she spread her arms and legs to bring the military-grade wingsuit to a glide. She truly savored the exhilarating and soulful liberation of surfing the horizon free as a bird. A short time later, her momentary daydream came to a cease with the helmet’s robotic voice chiming, “APPROACHING DESTINATION. FIVE-THOUSAND FEET…FORTY-FIVE HUNDRED FEET…FOUR-THOUSAND FEET.”

Amunta quickly began issuing voice commands as she neared the remains of Mendoza BioResearch LLC. She wanted to get some aerial recon of the facility before going in on foot. The recon would provide a clear overlay of the premises and surrounding area, as well as an estimate of security personnel. “Zoom…Activate Thermal…Scan…Record…”

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  • COMING 2022 –

Written by – F. Kenneth Taylor
Cover Design by & Character Sketch by – F. Kenneth Taylor

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