In shadows of conversation…

S.W.A.C Book Series

“Where am I,” questioned Zohara unafraid.

“You are where you need to be—the anywhere place,” remarked the young man.

Zohara looks at the handsome young man, his hair, his deep voice and brownish eyes that seem to stare into her soul. “I don’t understand, can you just tell me where I am.”

“I actually cannot, and the location is foreign to your comprehension,” remarked the young man. “You must realize and please keep an open mind that any explanation about this place will prove to be too fantastic. Your mind will not be able to process it, not yet.”

Zohara, surprisingly is not upset but looks away and saw their surroundings transforming into a downtown that appeared to be from another time. The city looks like her home but different, older and dirtier. She saw people wearing clothes she only saw in her history book during the brief period of…

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