On Location Series #34–Loch Raven Reservoir

Loch Raven Dam was initially constructed in the year of 1881. The chief purpose of the dam was to channel water from Lake Montebello to Lake Clifton. Further in time, a large lake was created to help increase the water supply in the local area, the township of Warren, which occurred in 1914. Even from the great fire in Baltimore, the dam was re-vitalized to what you see today—

A beautiful surrounding area of nature.

Now, my journey to Loch Raven Dam was a fun one. To be exact, I walked around the main road, which hovered above the large reservoir. It was a one-lane highway that ran onto the lake to which on one side had sets of benches and tower viewers. I took so many pictures of the lake along with the surrounding woods. Even with the bustling of the cars, I still felt like I was in the wooded area. I needed to get there to forgo the concrete path for a spell.

I needed to.

So I ventured back to my car and finally saw a path heading into the woods. Several other vehicles parked since I first arrived, so the trail was starting to become crowded. I walk on the course and its circles around for a bit. The sun was foreign as scattered rays of light appeared like warped polka dots on the ground. I did hear people and saw a couple just 10 feet ahead of me, not too far. I heard voices from my left but saw no one. The trees were thick, which took me by surprise due to our proximity to the highway. Trekking for ten minutes, I, at last, reached the bank of the lake. I must say once more—

It was freaking beautiful.

I took my iPhone out and took as many pictures as I could. The stillness of the area slowed air and moderate running water. I can see how people set up a hammock near the water; the sounds emoting from the wet terrain are like night music to a weary person.

I sat there for a bit, just sitting and thinking. Nothing came to mind, and I wanted to enjoy the scenery before whisking off to another location. It reminded me of my friend Jane. She cherished sitting in the woods, notably near a body of water. She took that time to meditate, moreover with her being an exceptional student of Yoga, it all mattered. I thought of her at that moment, wishing Jane was there with me. Sadly time made that a never factor…

Videos below—






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