After the conclusion of dinner, Sarah collected all the dirty dishes and placed them in the sonic dishwasher. Her father walked downstairs to the basement as she was finishing up. After Sarah finished, she followed him downstairs and closed the door behind her.  As she entered the completed basement, she saw blue lights in each corner. Mr. Johnson sat near a blank computer screen that emitted a low hum.  Sarah sat down as he gave her a head nod, “It is safe to talk now, and yes, I figure you were involved with them.” 
“The Free People’s Movement does a lot of good for the communities down there,” pleaded Sarah. 
“I am sure they do, although they choose to terrorize elected officials too.” 
“Yes, but it was only the Macon High Mayor,” retorted Sarah. “My friend said that is the first and only one.” 
“For now,” countered Mr. Johnson. 
Sarah was quiet, but this time did not look away when she spoke back to her father.   
“Are you sure it is safe to talk?” asked Sarah, voice cracked a little. 
Mr. Johnson shook his head in a confused manner and retorted, “Of course it is, you know the routine for secret conversations.” 
Sarah continued, “We are looking into the man-made virus of AIDS.” 
Mr. Johnson let out a sigh, titled his head in frustration but spoke in a calm voice, “That would be unwise.” 
“I know it probably is, but that is what we are working on,” remarked Sarah unwaveringly. 
“You do remember your uncle Tim—right?” queried Mr. Johnson. “You remember what he had and why.” 
“Yes,” muttered Sarah as her eyes started to water a little.   
“Are you doing this for him?” 
“Damn right I am.” 
“Yes, and I won’t back down from this.” 

-excerpt from “The Forever Spring”

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