On Location Series #33–Frederick County Adventures

This outing was a very unusual “On Location Series” for me. Everything started pretty standard; the drive down last just over an hour and twenty minutes from my starting point in Charles County, Maryland. To give you a picture, I live in southern Maryland, while my ultimate destination was close to the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania—Frederick County. Frederick County in of itself has a lot of history to it. A few civil war battles were fought there, and it also harbors the famous Camp David in one of its local, national grounds, Catoctin Mountain Park. It’s a fascinating section of Maryland, home to wineries and small-town venues. Nice getaway from the city if you strive for a quiet, relaxing yet romantic place to visit.

…But for me, I went there for other purposes.

My followers on my social media platforms voted for me to visit a place with a history of paranormal activity, and Frederick did have its share of such stories.  My goal was to explore Lake Linganore, the alleged haunted lake of Frederick County. 

Now, by mistake, I first drove to Linganore Lake subdivision and found a decent size lake in the residential neighborhood.  Regrettably, for me, that lake was private, only for use by the community residents.

I knew I made a mistake because Linganore Lake is open to the public, with a few hiking trails surrounding the body of water.

The time was near 1:30 pm, and I again searched the net to see where I went amiss. I found the actual location, and the lake was in New Market, Maryland, near the dam. Good, now I needed to find some to pass the time while until it gets dark. According to the reports from prior hikers, strange things were seen near evening and at night. I decided to go to the actual location after 7 pm to see if the stories were true.

As I was driving out of the neighborhood, I drove into Mount Airy, Maryland, and stumbled upon this township’s local nature preserve.  It was called “Audrey Carroll Sanctuary, and it was freaking awesome.  As I park, I only notice one car present.  I then made a quick video and ventured into the sanctuary.

According to the handout I got from the visitor’s board at the entrance of the preserve, this place encompassed 125 acres.  Within the grounds were streams, meadows, woodlands, including wetlands.  There was a lot of information about the wildlife and research projects happening at the sanctuary.  This place is an excellent opportunity to take your kids to, not just to enjoy nature but also to learn about the different ecosystems which reside in proximity of each other.

As you can see from my pictures, this preserve did not disappoint from the magnificent factor.

After my hike through the Audrey Carroll Sanctuary, I ate lunch and relax in my car until dusk. As the Sun left my vision, I departed to the actual Linganore Lake, near the damn in New Markets, Maryland.

The journey was not long as I reached the lake, near the dam at the bottom of a hill. The lake was in a residential area yet open to the public. The time was around 7:15 pm, and it was getting dark, really dark. I did not venture on the trail, but I saw a family of five walking towards the path entrance. I went the other way and stepped on an open path that separated the dam and the lake.

The lake was stunning, and its beauty was enhanced more as the Sun sunk on the horizon. I started taking pictures of the lake, the dam, including the body of water on the other side of the barrier. Now what came next was the oddest thing I had seen in a long time. I wrote what I saw on the “Maryland Haunted Places” webpage when I came home. I will put the same disclosure in my blog, my own words of happenings of Linganore Lake:

I saw a man by the water who wasn’t there at first…

This evening, around 7:15ish, I ventured down to the lake, right at the dam. I was taking pictures and recording videos for my blog. So, I took about seven pictures and recorded two videos. I didn’t recognize anything that time that would classify as being unusual. I left the lake around 8 pm and then stopped at a gas station before entering the highway. Before driving off, I wanted to look at the pictures again. In one of the pictures, I saw a person close to the dam, near the edge of the water bank. He appeared like he (kind of look like a man) was throwing something into the water. When I took the picture the first time, I didn’t see anyone near the water. I looked at other photos I took after the one in question, and I did not see the man. I also looked at the video and again saw no man.”

And there it is, people, my encounter with a paranormal experience. Look at these pictures, and you will see some similarities and differences but look at the most glaring distinction and let me know what you think? Furthermore, please share some of your “ghost encounters” as I am very interested to hear them. Thank you for joining me on my journey, and see you at the next “On Location.”

See videos below that also documented this day…



Below videos are at Linganore



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