The writer in me looks for validation

There are times, notably as a writer, you watch shows and movies for enjoyment, but in essence, it’s a study of the human condition. You see, actors and actresses, formidable in their craft as they portray valid emotions in stressful circumstances as the scene calls for it. Sometimes it relates to your past actions in life or even the present. It also connects with a want you might have to be part of a life-changing moment regardless of how tragic and gruesome it might be.

There are also times when philosopher conversations that are shown enlighten your soul to not ever wanting to be associated by any means. I can also say it can make you ponder how to influence potential decisions in the future in a clean way. Books, verbal speeches can give context to such viewings and strength what I would call the interworking of translated wisdom of societal norms. I don’t know which is true, but one thing I need to say is, it’s a mind debate in personal conditioning of human depths.

Below are several scenes from movies and shows throughout the years that struck such a conflict for me. I would assume you had the same deliberation with yourself, and if you haven’t, I suggest you do.

Regret always wins…
Agony turns to hope…
Future imperfect
Future defined

What does last forever?

Losing costs?
Racism’s gifts
A moment among allies

Thinking of my dad
It still hurts…
Terror never hides
Horror has a face
Conviction does have honor

It ends like the beginning

Timeless conversation…

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