“The Eline Klina Nactrica” Avenging Knights

*New Cover, same fantastic story! A new evil has arisen in 4th Lebos. It's become known as the Doomonster, and its destructive force dwells in another dimension. In exchange for all of the gold in 4th Lebos, the Doomonster captures and imprisons Mela, a sorceress whose powers are deep in the golden world. But when … Continue reading “The Eline Klina Nactrica” Avenging Knights

“After all, he is a Simms…”

S.W.A.C Book Series

Hayden P. Simms, was a powerful capitalist and stockbroker with political ties, and his wife Kristina, was a prominent chemist for the newly formed, W.I.S.K.

“I saw tears stained on his face. I suppose there’s a logical explanation?”

Mrs. Simms sighed. “He returned home from class sobbing again. His classmates taunting him relentless—something should be done. They call him, Nicholas-the-nink-com-poof.”

Mr. Simms laid his briefcase on a table, and glared at his son, then his wife. “How tragic,” he voiced with sarcasm. “They’re children Kristina, taunting is in their nature. It happened to me, to you—Look at us now. We’re among the most powerful and wealthiest couples of the corporate world and our son will follow in our footsteps.”

Kristina sighed again. “Perhaps you’re right. Upon his completion of his elementary education, he will be enrolled at the Academy of the Gifted. Periluss will be older then, and shouldn’t endure…

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