A look at the main antagonists of SWAC Universe—Part 1

S.W.A.C Book Series

Here is part 1 to the main villains of the Shadow Within a City universe. These corrupt individuals are the focused point of the main story in which made the protagonists of their respective books grow into better persons. Part 2 will look at the villains from the greater universe, beyond the walls…

“Ian, it’s a shame things had to come to this. You know I’m not the one for long speeches, excessive wording, or elongated goodbyes—I’ve always believed actions speak louder than words—yours have, and mine will…”

-Nigel Kavanagh of Oblivion from “P.R.O.B.E. by F. Kenneth Taylor

“You continue to impress me. You’re better than the others—I’ll enjoy killing you. Tell me your name agent so I’ll know who it is was killed when this is all over.”

Matrix, leader of The Serpent Society from Serpents & Honor by F. Kenneth Taylor

“If you ever say my name, disrespect…

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