Wasps by Kojin (Friday Night Poetry Corner #260)

Welcome everyone to another Friday Night Poetry corner. This week is a fascinating piece of poetry by Kojin in which the poems were posted by Onecarriage. The name of this work is called “Wasp.” When you read the first part, pay attention to the last three lines and in the comments, let me know what y’all think of it. Also, please visit the blog and read more wonderful poetry.

Road Straw

my head was always
a paper nest full of wasps
lost in their humming
of mountain streams, honey, pines
of salmon skin, smoke and time

7-8-2021, Kojin

the paper house seemed
emptier than it had been
once the year began
and there was no bright amber
in which to hide for all time

7-8-2021, Kojin

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