Friday Night Poetry Corner #259 (Greencastle by Steve Baker)

Welcome to a late edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner, and here is a poem that I believe is much needed for today. As you look to where you came from and determine legacy, love, and acceptance in the greater society. You could also look at the home and how it relates to how you came to be a full-grown adult in the present time. Reading this poem creates emotions and remembrance of a time that passed but still lives on within. Would you please enjoy this work by a great poet name Steve Baker of the southern part of the United States? This brilliant poem is called “Greencastle.” If you enjoy this work (and I am sure you will), if you ever on Facebook, look up Steve Baker online, even his group called “Friends in the Middle,” and read more of his incredible works.

Greencastle (written in Greencastle, IN)

The trees have become large
Since I was a boy growing-up
Some places have returned
To what I call Indiana jungle.

My dear parents lie in their tomb
Their homes belong to others
And a strangeness has settled
Like a hazy veneer over the familiar.

The big orphanage stands closed
The old stores are almost all gone
Favorite restaurants forgotten
Bridges built, bridges abandoned.

Former factories have disappeared
New warehouses bustle with trucks
Change, I guess, is inevitable
As for me…remaining the same is easy.

©2021 Steven W. Baker

Visit this page and catch more of his poems…

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