Upcoming project—somewhere in 2022

An upcoming fictional novelette by K.G. Bethlehem (author of Certain Moments of Time, She is to be remembered) will look into a real-life tragic event, days before the riots of East St. Louis, Illinois, the year of 1917. Follow Kujit Peebles, a 19-year-old African American young man, as he tries to navigate through the everyday … Continue reading Upcoming project—somewhere in 2022

On Location Series #31–Laurel Springs Regional Park

Hey everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to another On Location Series. This one will be short as the historical value of this location is relatively low, but the park's scenic beauty needs to be said. The name of this place is Laurel Springs Regional Park, located in Charles County, Maryland. I must say that Charles … Continue reading On Location Series #31–Laurel Springs Regional Park