On Location Series #31–Laurel Springs Regional Park

Hey everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to another On Location Series. This one will be short as the historical value of this location is relatively low, but the park’s scenic beauty needs to be said. The name of this place is Laurel Springs Regional Park, located in Charles County, Maryland. I must say that Charles County, Maryland, has many fantastic locations for hiking with numerous local and state parks within its boundaries. So with that being said…

This park has one of the most beautiful lakes I have seen in a while. The entire lake is surrounded by picnic spaces and a pier, primarily for people who want to fish. When you first enter this park, you will see the standard baseball, football, and soccer fields.

Then, you will see a large playground for the kids, cookout areas, along with a horse field. I also saw electric car stations in two of the parking lots; in short, this is a very accommodating recreational area, and if you are near Charles County, visit and stay for a few. Check out the rest of the pictures and videos below…

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