Sir Kenneth Taylordom of the 3rd Kingdom of Saints

From the Taylordom Clan from the Southern half of the 3rd Kingdom, Kenneth Taylordom rose from a lowly soldier to Supreme Leader Guardsmen of the 3rd Kingdom army.  Standing 6’6 tall, nearing 250 pounds, this massive warrior has seen much conflict and has had 175 confirmed defense kills for the 3rd Kingdom of Saints.  His knowledge of warfare techniques is regarded as the best in the known parts of 4th Lebos, and some equate them to the level of the Good King and Queen from the Days of Morf Era; in essence, he is a brilliant battle tactician.

Excerpt from Avenging Knights Rebirth Of Lost Honor—

…at the end, Sir Kor, along with a few others, was surrounded with no hope for escape. The menacing creatures closed in, awaiting their kill. The leader’s sword rested on the torn damp soil, and he stood upright, breathing with great strength, and cut a nearby creature’s head clean off as the other ones hissed in fury.

“My sword is all I require,” boomed Sir Kor as his other men lifted their weaponry for the last charge.

Amazingly, Sir Kenneth Taylorlom, bursting from out of the shadows on his gray horse, began to cut off the important limbs of Kor’s attackers. The formidable captain, without fear, wearing daunting smokey leather armor and a silver helmet that covered both his brow and mouth, uttered not a word and within minutes destroyed the entire demon clan. The scene was a massacre. The captain never dismounted from his horse and the blinding speed of his attacks ensured an aftermath of destruction. The skirmish was fast, so fast that none of the remaining company of warriors viewed exactly how each demon was killed. The rest of the demons viewed this exhibit of power and ran like cowards, vanishing as easily as they had appeared. The mighty captain held his horse still as he stayed on, remarking towards his second, “Sir Kor, assemble the rest of your men, we are returning back to our kingdom.”

“Yes captain, and much thanks—for your help of course.”

“We can ponder on your errors later, but for now MOVE OUT!!!

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