On Location Series #29–Historic Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg started as the capital of the Virginia Colony in 1699. Jamestown's initial capital was the first-lasting English-speaking settlement founded in 1607 as we know that time and area today as the New World in Eurocentric history. Colonial leaders lobbied the Virginia Assembly to move the capital from Jamestown to Middle Plantation. The new city … Continue reading On Location Series #29–Historic Williamsburg, Virginia

Release “She is to be remembered “

*Early Release!! (By a couple of hours) SHE IS TO BE REMEMBERED By K.G. Bethlehem Zohara went from ordinary life to be the last line of defense against galactic oppression. Earth over 200 years in the future has finally rebuilt from a global takeover by the invading armies of great evil. Zohara's powers were given … Continue reading Release “She is to be remembered “