The waterfall.. by Ashwini Manjrekar (Friday Night Poetry Corner #253)

Good evening everyone and welcome to another poetry corner. This week I am featuring a wonderful poet, writer name Ashwini Manjrekar. This poem is called “The waterfall.” I am sure you will enjoy this and please visit this poet’s page. She is really a good writer.

The Shooting Star Blog

They say, she tells a story without any words
All you have to do is pause and simply watch her flourish
Through the long branches of trees old and new
How she cuts through massive rocks that try to block her way
And flows over the tiny pebbles that people once threw

She doesn’t seem to care how they view her or judge her criss-cross path
For all she knew was to flourish through it all
Changing courses when the obstacles didn’t let her slide through
For one way or the other she was meant to endlessly flow

She moved seamlessly, being her unapologetic self
That grew and outgrew everything that came under her way
Roaring through the wild forests, “I am born this way and this is what I am meant to do”,
She gathered all of her forces and incessantly she moved

Leaving the world to see the…

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