Friday Night Poetry Corner #252–a version of two places…

Good evening everyone and yes, it is another Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week I am featuring one of my poems and it is called “a version of two places…”  I really hope you guys will enjoy it and please give me some feedback.  Feedback is great for writing 🙂

a version of two places… 

Once at the time when darkness fell, 

Recalls a city on the edge of hell 

Its color sparkle shadows from below 

Made black and red run like melting snow 

It moved me so much to answer not 

The cries of wanting the hurt to stop 

It was heard from the door—an unknown voice 

It made me believed that I had a choice 

So, I ran to the entrance, the door was ajar 

I wondered inside but didn’t get too far… 

My eyes saw the future as it lived in the past, 

My eyes gave candor that nothing will last 

It saddens me that I could not find the voice 

It maddens me that I never had a choice… 

Once upon a rhyme that mocks the living old 

It suppresses the impression of striving to be bold 

the environment was so different and yet was not 

it held the same colors of life and rot 

to which tone aligned to which metaphors who knows 

as wondrous of guessing to allowing me to show— 

that I know nothing.

the sky forgot, 

that the heavens refuse to open as I choose rot 

a terrible day has come, and it won’t ever go 

the truth gave way to darkness, frost, and snow 

the truth gave way to all I should know. 

That both settings were tainted 

And both were with blight, 

I loved the forever reasoning of never being right 

It asked the questions and wanted more 

It asked the opinions of discounted bores. 

By K.G. Bethlehem  


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