Sneak peak from the upcoming novel “She is to be remembered”

“Why are you quiet, Zohara?” queried Bahar. 


“Because I need to listen and learn, please just show me, tell me so I can understand what is happening.” 


“You still need clarification in…” 


“I need to know what is happening, not just with me but with the entire planet,” Zohara exclaimed. “My father was killed for what it seems for nothing from a gang that hasn’t been relevant in years until recently. I fought against beings that aren’t from Earth, and lastly, why are they here in the first place? The reasoning behind such attacks on us humans is unacceptable. My actions were intolerable because I killed people, and regardless if that was not my intent—it happened. I need to control my powers. I need to defeat the entity that I fought before. So, I will remain quiet until all of my concerns have been addressed.” 

Excerpt from the upcoming novel by K. G. Bethlehem “She is to be remembered” 

Release date:  April 25, 2021

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