On Location Series #25 Oak Ridge Park (Charles County, Maryland)

January 30th, the first hike of the new year, and the weather played fair with me. It was cool but not cold, as the wind decided to relax for most of the day. I was relieved for that, and it made the trek more enjoyable not to deal with the chilly wind.

Oak Ridge Park is a decent size park in Charles County, Maryland, located directly in Hudgesville. When I first entered the park, I notice all of the amenities it had to offer. Everything ranging from sporting grounds, horse riding area/trails, and playgrounds. The trails were also for us humans, so sharing was not a problem. Humans were the only ones using the course that day.

The park had at least four trails, and each one, separated by color. I did not see a lot of water because the creeks were dry apart from a few small pools here and there. Some of the trails were hilly, so I did get a good workout in. Then I stumble unto these—

Old-time cars embedded into a chasm was the most exciting part of the hike. I had not seen anything like this. At first glance, the vehicles were a glance from our past. They look like the same ones that were driven in their prime in the 1940s. I made a post in one of the hiking groups that I am a part of on Facebook. One poster commented, “It looks like a 1947 -1957 Studebaker Champion by its windows.” Another poster gave some insight to why these wreck cars were there, “I seem to remember someone saying the forest service used to dump old vehicles in washes to help with erosion. I’ve been wrong before…”

I think you should look and decide for yourself.

I will be back hopefully soon with another On Location. There wasn’t too much to write about for this park but if you are looking for a nice place to take the family to, I would recommend it. If you own horses, then it’s a much better fit for an afternoon excursion.

*see videos below–

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