Saint Louis’s Loss, Heaven’s gain (Friday Night Poetry Corner #243)

(Feature pic: Loss of Innocence The Fifth Column)

I dedicated this poem to a family friend who recently passed away.  This is a hard time, especially for her family.  Please pray, send good vibes for all who lost a loved one in recent days.   I won’t mention any names but this Friday Night Poetry Corner is definitely honoring her.



Saint Louis’s loss, Heaven’s gain




Once a time of the midnight dreary…


It happened many moons ago in the span
of walking decades.


I was taught history,

Hometown history

From a strong, smart woman,

Deep friend of our family,

Made me exceptional in thought.


She passed through time well,

Her loss of an offspring damage her,

Pained her soul but she kept moving…


She always kept moving…

Her footsteps made the solid earth special,

Her movements created actions in our communities.


She kept striving for everything,

Made her surroundings stronger.


She went home today,

She went to visit her offspring,

Along with her passed loved ones,

It made her earth family cry,

Her earth friends sad,

It made her community rationalized

The irrational,

Of life earnest to death.



-K. G. Bethlehem

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