One Last Poem For You- A Poem By Nia Rose (Friday Night Poetry Corner #242)

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring a wonderful poet name, Nia Rose. Her poem is called “One Last Poem for You..” To me this felt deeply personal but you know what? All of us felt this way about someone at one point in our lives. Oh, please visit her page and read more of her work, she has so many other poems that need to be read.

Nia Rose Writes

I thought the ground would disintegrate beneath me when I left you, that I’d sink into the earth and the soft damp soil would fill my lungs, yet here I am on solid ground. I didn’t think I would survive it, actually,  I didn't think I would find the strength to go through with it.  I thought the guilt would swallow me whole. Loving you was hard. Not because you were unlovable,  but because of how little you loved yourself.  You taught me that it’s impossible to show someone how to love. You taught me that sometimes you need to love from a distance. Most importantly, you taught me that love can’t fix everything. I let you hurt me because I thought I deserved it, and that's my fault.  I thought that by fixing you I’d somehow mend my own scars; I was hoping for an impossibility.  Our love was…

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