On Location Series #23–Bear’s Den Park (Raven Rock trail)

My journey on Raven Rock Appalachian trail was a tough one as it harbors steep hills with rocky terrain.  

The winding paths create such an obstacle, more so internally as I wondered when would I ever reach the end, the conclusion of my journey.

I was not surprised that I only ventured to the middle point of this trek. 

The path was surrounded by so many trees that I was in constant shade throughout the afternoon. The temperature was in the 90s, but it felt like low 80s with a cool breeze invading my hike.  I welcome such sensations as I hiked up the hill, nearly twisting my ankle on some occasions. 

I stumble past dried up creeks, two of them which left only a sheet of bedrocks as a gift.  As I step over and around the rocks, some were loose, and others were not, it gave way for an impressive struggle.  It only enhanced the pain in my right leg.

I am assuming you can tell by now that this hike was a hard one as it moved from internal struggles to more of physical ones.  I felt a sharp pain as I soon realized I was foolish to not have a stretch before embarking on this adventure.  I knew I needed to get this done promptly and as my mind wander a bit, I saw a sign.  A Stateline sign showed I was now entering the state of West Virginia and leaving Virginia.  In all my years of hiking, I never cross the state lines by foot.  As a child, while riding in the car going down south, I would sometimes see us crossing the state lines and always wanted to do it by foot.  Of course, my parents never stop the car for me to accomplish my goals but now, almost 30 plus years later I did it.  This personal achievement made my trip worth it. 

What also made my hike worth wild have I finally reached the peak of Raven Rock trail, and it was a marvelous sight.  The outline of the trees was beautiful as I could see some houses far away in the distance.  

I survey it for a spell, opening up my backpack and proceed to eat my lunch.  The time was enjoyable, even if shortened against my likening.  I kept staring, looking, searching for any sign that acknowledges my presence in full.  

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3 thoughts on “On Location Series #23–Bear’s Den Park (Raven Rock trail)

  1. I will be headed the Rockies in 1 week.

    It will be a challenge for me because, after a year of quitting smoking cigarettes, I returned due to the stress of #BLM, coronavirus, the coming election, and uncertainty.

    I will quit again this weekend.

    It will be even harder here because in Colorado we go up to 14,000 ft in elevation. …less oxygen too.

    I wish more Blacks would appreciate nature the way that we do.

    I wish they knew that Nature is God. Kevy

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