On Location Series #22–Swallows Falls State Park

The park had its early development in 1906 with the donation by John and Robert Garrett of Baltimore of 1,917 acres.  The intention for such a gift was to be used for the creation of a state forest. The land now known as Garrett State Forest comprised the areas that became Swallow Falls and Herrington Manor state parks, both of which were established in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

So much for the history of this park—now for my observations.
Swallow Falls State Park is one of the most beautiful parks I ever have seen in person.  Crazy enough, the trails were not anything to be excited about from when I first enter the wooded area.  There was one main trail, and small walkways (with wooden stairs) that led to the several waterfalls in the area, three total.  You can hover around the top while looking down at the waterbed.  You could also choose to go near the water and either sit on the rocks or get in it.  I did both as the water felt semi-warm as I touch the surface with my left hand.  The sun controlled the day, yet with no humidity as it made for a near-perfect excursion to be outside.
It was easy to breathe, and the cool breeze near the water made it much more comfortable.  It lessened my frustrations with the short trails and caused my attention to witness more of the surrounding beauty.  I was in awe for a moment.  A brief moment that lasted longer than five minutes.  I saw the ripples in the water that were created by other human inhabitants.  I view an older lady trekking around the upper surface of the waterfall.  I saw children emerged in the water, playing their version of water sports.  People for an instant relax and even practiced social distancing.  I then return back to normal, but the beauty was still apparent.  It never left, invading my mind and concrete my thoughts for a future write up.  Swallow Falls State Park, located in Oakland, Maryland, is a diamond nestle out in the far country.  

It was an agreeable day…





14 thoughts on “On Location Series #22–Swallows Falls State Park

  1. Oh man. I just can’t get over it. It looked spectacular, peaceful, confronting and in the end you said “It was an agreeable day.” Absolutely fantastic. Change your Gravatar photo and put a smile on your face. You deserve it.

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