Kaydee’s Thoughts for the Moment…

June 8, 2020



WELCOME TO “Kaydee’s Thoughts for the Moment”


K.G. Bethlehem


Civil Unrest Part II w/Richard Gordan


Looking at the current police killings classified as state-sponsored killings of black people and reflections on the current protests…


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12 thoughts on “Kaydee’s Thoughts for the Moment…

      1. That makes you 6 hours behind and therefore it will be 12:30a.m. for me I think. Cool I’ll give you a ring Monday night!

      2. In the UK we ask so much from immigrants – to adopt the nationality British and to learn the culture in order to earn the rights of an ordinary human being yet we give so little back in terms of aiding them towards the straight forward advantages that the ordinary white Brit has, culturally, which are European, not just British etc. An immigrant has to work hard to maintain his/her identity in the face of these demands. Spending one’s life in a country is a matter of choice and life has value – we only have one each”, Instead Brits, Conservative Brits, pretend everyone is seeking asylum etc. Fortress Europe. We watch blacks play soccer, tennis, drive buses etc but we pay no account to thier cultural values.

      3. I have invited a lot of listeners of my own for tonight from Jacob Zuma to Charlize Theron to the press in Britain and television. I am M as in Military Intelligence as well as holding political posts. Let’s have some fun tonight and don’t be surprised if I phone you in a funny accent as I want a laugh with you okay? Bioman

      4. Hey I am just seeing your messages. They show will come on next Monday due to some unforeseen circumstances. I will put out a post near the end of the week detailing the next show.

      5. Agenda for chat: the royal family, prince William and his gay relationship with his manservant named clee white. Global thermonuclear war and harry and Williams involvement, what have you. Bruce

      6. In the last few days, have located Skampt – who bombed the London Barclays back in ’86 when the IRA were blamed – right wing Englishmen, and have located a list of the Atillas – US killers who are being arrested as we speak. Party On!

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