On Location Series #19–Antietam Battlefield


The world wept in Sharpsburg Maryland in the year of 1862…


Historians call this the bloodiest battle that happened on American soil. Some even proclaimed as the deadliest occurrence of any kind that took place in North America. Over 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded, or missing that occurred within a single day of this conflict.

The Battle of Antietam happened on September 17, 1862, at Sharpsburg, Maryland and effectually ended the Confederate Army’s first invasion into the North. This was a very important win for the Union Army due to them suffering several losses prior to this confrontation. President Abraham Lincoln even issued the beginnings of the Emancipation Proclamation shortly after the conclusion of their victory.

While I was there, I took many pictures as you see while reading this blog. I walked the “Bloody Lane.” I ambled by the memorial statues and plaques. I saw the tower and glance over the remnants of the battlefield. I seen farmhouses that took part in that historic human demise. It was so strange to me as a heavy feeling invaded my trek. But I was not alone. A friend joined me and help guide me through the hiking grounds. Jannon, a fellow artist and nature admirer shared her experiences with human nature that shaped her view of the world and lead her to an occupation that truly helps people. She is a painter, a wife, a mother, and more important an original human being whose own rules guided her to where she is today, and I must say the road was occasionally hard but well-traveled.

Therefore, for my first “On Location Series” in a while, it was different yet enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and look forward to more locations soon.

2 thoughts on “On Location Series #19–Antietam Battlefield

  1. Daniel thank you for sharing this blog, the pictures are a solemn reminder of the division that’s slavery caused in this country. Some would call Lee a hero and others a traitor. And it is thought that Lee thought that a president of the United States would never rise against his own people but the Confederacy sought to divide this great nation. In hindsight we know that Lincoln was on the right side of history and that Lee was misguided by the confederate cause of the subjugation of black people ie slavery, and the southern economics, driven by slave labor. At one point during Antietam Lee voiced his disgust towards the greatest American President. What true citizen of the United States of America would deny another human being the right to land, to liberty, to justice but only a depraved man who had his own interests and the interests of those who followed him in mind. Antietam,and the blood laid there are on his hands and to the union troops the grounds at Antietam are scared.

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    1. Hey, appreciate those wise, intelligent synopsis of a crucial point in US history. I can’t add anything else to this. Thank you for visiting and please come again.


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