The undesirable time (Friday Night Poetry Corner #225)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is a very trying time for everyone due to this world emergency. We gotta keep the faith, be proactive and don’t give up internally. We can’t, we just can’t.

Here is a poem by myself in which I hope you enjoy. To all of my poets this is the time for you to uplift everyone by your words. It is much needed, it really is…

Nicolas Hoizey Don’t fear the light (in black & white) Surreal shot of a statue protecting itself from lights in the fog…

The undesirable time

The world is a blaze, the final test of others,

Sustain wisdom in cloud like statements. Pitted sister against brother.

Or was it father against mother?

I forget—

It’s been so many days of absent-minded thinking.

In quiet corners, right between the surreal basement door.

She exclaimed the further…

It harvest the hatred towards them others.

Hurting the last bit of soul.

As he curses the walls

Gave salvation to a stolen land

Cheapens respect for fear.

It cleared the unclear

In wanting an answer

Yet taking questions

Which they did not need.

-K. G. Bethlehem

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