The Unsound Hero (Friday Night Poetry Corner #220)

Good evening Everyone and welcome to the first poetry corner at 2020. This week I am featuring my own poem, very old one that was written over 19 years ago. The name of it is called “Unsound Hero.”

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for continuing to support the poetry corner. This year we will future more poets and see how much imagination surfaces from the human mind. Also this is then original print when editing wasn’t a top priority back then lol.  I wanted to leave in every mistake. The struggles of a beginning writer.

One thought on “The Unsound Hero (Friday Night Poetry Corner #220)

  1. I would to thank you for following me as Jcphotog and liking my blog. I have changed the name to jcrcomicarts but nothing else has changed. I would like to come by and check it out and hopefully like the content as you have. Again thanks for following me and keeping up with me and I hope you continue to do so.

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