A Heart Misplaced: a Poem. (Friday Night Poetry Corner #218)

Image by Babble. https://www.babble.com/pregnancy/to-the-women-struggling-with-infertility/

Good evening every one and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. I know it’s been awhile but I will finish this year without any interruptions. Today this fantastic poet, ClaiRebel, wrote this piece that I’m sure everyone has felt at some point of their life. It’s called “A Heart Misplaced.” Check it out and please visit her blog when you can. She has more amazing work!

“I’m sucked into your love.
Enchanted. Mind blown.
And all the stories that I’ve known
they don’t even come close…
You pulled me in,
but pulled me under;
you’re absence like a roar of thunder.
You opened me
in ways no one had seen;
your energy, it captivated me;
obliterated me;
I’m still finding the pieces…”


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