Even a villain has a tragedy; a look at ruinous BloodOath


SCAF code file# 010C-N* (file only use for monitoring by Upper Management as long as coded allies are kept in order)

Name: Periluss Nicolas Simms

Age: 35 years old

Birthplace: Isle of New Sweden Gold Coast Territory

Birth parents: Hayden & Krishna Simms(*Non-interfering Class).

Height: 6’6

Weight: 275lbs

Hairstyle: Longhair

Hair color: White & Grey

Eye color: Red

Alert Status for file: N/A

We often want the best for our children. We shower them with praises when at times there isn’t a need for certain moments. We cherish their every step, voicing new discoveries and speak highly to our friends and family about them. We even take control of every facet of their lives, plan their future in essence to create an extension of ourselves. For better or for worst.

Perliuss Simms grew up in New Sweden from the union of Hayden & Krishna Simms. His father was a prominent businessman, and his mother was an influential scientist of the newly formed WISK. They moved to the NAF territories when Perliuss was 5yrs old as their careers flourish their son’s pain went unnoticed.

For the family of Simms, their goal in life was more wealth and influence among the elite. Anything else was beneath them regarding normal life as a waste. They created their son and molded him in a manner for brilliance and ego per mighty (a saying that only the brightest shall lead). Parenthood is so demanding to teach children to have a soul instead of creating one while living–

“People, in general, are getting too nosy—too much fucking thinking…”

BloodOath took control over the elite underground police unit called Ghost Squad when Police Chief James Tinsworth’s death was blamed on the infamous Gangland. BloodOath’s alter ego was Perliuss Simms ran a so call media war between Gangland and MCPD (Midwest City) police department as leading the rough police unit. The citizens were once again duped in believing the core of Midwest City’s finest were trying to halt crime but really was working together with Gangland.

BloodOath now was a heartless brute who loved issuing pain to anyone he considers weak. He is a mountain of a man, strength of ten men who is master at hand to hand combat and hand weapons in which he learned as a grunt soldier in NAF’s paramilitary army. He, in fact, he turned in the person who he hated when he was a child. Amazing how time comes full circle, and in this case, it caused an entire city to burn.

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