Shadowkill VS Serpent Society

ShadowKill vs. The Serpent Society

EXCERPT: S.W.A.C. II: Ghost Squad’s Apocalypse:

Chap. 8: “Serpent Blood”


…SkyDive fired the Stealth Copter’s machine guns in Yosul’s proximity, but intentionally missed him. Yosul instinctively leaped from his Ducati, into the air, and mutated into ShadowKill. SkyDive flew away to rendezvous with Matrix and Infrared as Nikita Ito, Wo Chi, and Generals Gakuto and Akira, slowly stepped out of hiding, approaching and encompassing ShadowKill.

“Not yet,” Nikita Ito whispered in Japanese to her counterparts, “He’s not in human form. Brother,” she called to Matrix, “do you copy?”

“Yes,” Matrix returned, also speaking Japanese, “do not engage him yet, we’re almost in position. We’ll have to fire in reverse order, using The Illuminator to force him back into his human form.”

Why haven’t they attacked me yet? ShadowKill thought to himself. What are they waiting on? Then, hastily, and against orders, Wo Chi backflipped several times and rushed the anti-hero. Oh, here we go, ShadowKill thought once more, forcefully waving an arm in the air. In that quick motion, the Ink Blade sliced through Wo Chi’s right arm.

“Uuggghhh!” Wo Chi yelped in great pain as he fell on his side and blood drained from his severed arm.

“Now Infrared!” Matrix rumbled.

Infrared swiftly, but calmly took aim with The Illuminator and fired. Before ShadowKill could make another move, he was stunned and overcome by an immense source of light he’d never seen before. Just as the blinding effects started to wear off, several more exploding rounds took charge, and he was completely stunned and blinded once more. The Serpent Society had worn protective eyewear similar to night-vision goggles, only they did they performed in the opposite manner, and shielded the wearers eyes from extreme illumination.

“Hold position,” Matrix voiced, as he readied The Restrictor. When the brightness from The Illuminator dissipated, Yosul was on hands and knees. Matrix took the shot—direct hit. “Now!”

Yosul saw something coming towards him, but it appeared only as a blur. The Illuminator’s blinding effect was still in place. Nikita Ito knelt beside him with a smirk on her face and giggled as she issued a swift, sturdy kick to his face. The others quickly began attacking him. Suddenly, after several minutes, he was gone.

“Fuck!” Matrix hollered. “I can’t see em’!” Matrix took several deep breaths, resumed his cool, and charged up The Restrictor; aiming in the vicinity Yosul had been at. His radar was now on. “There!” He shouted to Infrared with The Illuminator, “Fire!” He yelled, as he caught a blackened, human-like shape in his sights, seemingly holding a slim, yet long blade with a greenish tint. Infrared fired The Illuminator again, and the piercing white light hit ShadowKill solely on the chest, and unexpectedly suspended him in mid-air.

ShadowKill muttered weakly, “Noooo…” A split second later, Matrix fired The Restrictor again. The blasts nearly hit simultaneously. ShadowKill involuntarily reverted back to Yosul and fell to the ground.

As a beaten Yosul hobbled to his feet, The Serpent Society surrounded him once again. Nikita Ito lead the attack again, lunging at Yosul with several kicks. His survival instincts triggered as he sidestepped and countered with a kick to the ribs. He spun ninety degrees, ducked an incoming Throat-chop from General Gakuto. He grappled Gakuto by the arm, twisting and turning, before issuing a headbutt, but Gakuto countered with twirls of his own that still ended in a solid Throat-chop. Yosul dropped to one knee.

General Akira sprung forward and planted his knee in Yosul’s back. Weak and woozy, Yosul continued to fight even though he was defeated, and no one could save him this time. He rolled backwards with a kick to Akira’s chin. Nikita caught him with a five-hit, punch-kick combo before he could rise to his feet.

“That’s enough,” Matrix ordered, “we got what we came for.” SkyDive landed and the others boarded the Stealth Copter.

Yosul was pummeled, beaten, severely injured, and now laid among the other bodies of the carnage that transpired. He tapped his watch and activated his distress beacon.

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