Excerpt from “She is to be remembered”

except (sneak preview) from “She is to be remembered” due out by Spring of 2020—

Thirty minutes later in the Greater City of Alexandria, Zohara and her father were finishing up lunch in the old town section. The throwback view of the cobblestone streets and paved blacken roads of upper cross streets were an odd sight as it connected with metal forming buildings and solar panel control towers. Majority of the city, including this section, were solar-powered including doors that could materialize from voice command to open. These, however, were only part of the government buildings and corporate offices in joint operations for national public policy. Nevertheless, she and her father walked among the clean streets as the people were out making their rounds as well as enjoying the day.

The weather was near perfect; slight breeze with the degrees in the high 70s without the interference of the National Thermos Controlled Satellite. The stores in this area were individually run by section managers but all regardless of what service or items they carried belong to one corporation. Just one and nobody knew the name of it.

“I loved the salmon burger, great choice,” spoke Zohara as she took a sip of her water.

“My friend and I came here last week, salmon and swordfish are the topic dishes here,” replied Yoseph.

“You mean Micakla,” countered Zohara with a grin.

“Yes, yes, nosy,” spoke Yoseph in a laugh. “I like her daddy.” “I like her too and thanks for your approval.”

“Quite welcome.” Zohara finished eating as she leaned forward, “How’s work going?”

“Same as usual except getting new contracts,” answered Yoseph as he finished his lunch as well. “Why are you the Exceptional Height’s spokesperson and their chief Biochemist?” “Because I’m damn good at both.”

“Fair enough,” smiled Zohara. She knew her father is a very talented, intelligent man. His aptitude is high and very near her mother who in her respect, is a super genius.

“But your mother is smarter than me and had her pick of any major she wanted to do,” echoed Yoseph. “She wrote calculus theories of motion and time several years ago to which the high science council has no idea of deciphering it…”

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