Life and Death (Friday Night Poetry Corner #211)


Life and Death by MachiavelliCro on DeviantArt


Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring this thoughtful poet name odetostone and his poem called “Life & Death.” A powerful theme that is written very well and shows the measured time of a human in the vastness of life. Check it out and please visit this writer’s page. You will enjoy more of his works.

Thanks again for coming out and again enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Life and Death (Friday Night Poetry Corner #211)

  1. Spent two hours Reading you people……. it was enjoyable but I can´t read all of you, but this was a great writing so if you don´t mind I´ll do the cool reblog and say that I tought you how to write…..
    Take care, very nice written

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