♫♫Listen good soldier

Don’t think ahead

Listen to the Commanders

From the books you read.

March good soldier

March to the land

Listen for the howling

Of the Viking clans.

Listen good soldier

Listen very well

Once a brave soldier

We’ll never touch Hell

Learn good soldier

Learn what you can

Memorize your enemy

To break their stand

Kill good soldier

Kill all the weak

Make sure they fear you

While they bleed

Love good soldier

Love the Core

Blessed are the men

Who never ask for more♫♫

#writer #scific #spacehorror #dystopian #kgbethlehem #scifibooks

2 thoughts on “Astronomical

    1. It’s both actually. The military at that time was combined with research and the higher education of science and technology. They were apart of the enforcement authority of the land. They beliefs in the total enlightenment of the human experience gave a sort of belief system in the humankind in relations to their environment. Instead of religion, the common citizenry held the core on high compliance. In a previous conflict, 45 years before the events of this story the military went through the transformation that was influenced by what I described above. They before the core of authority to everyone’s belief system.

      Great question, you were the only one who ask me that.


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