Imp King (Friday Night Poetry Corner #209)


Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week is my own personal joint, it is an aggressive poem of the mind, but the components of this poem is strongly influenced in my storytelling (See Avenging Knights & Certain Moments of Time).   The name of this is called “Imp King.”  Thanks again for stopping by and be wary of the Imp King.  It is the scourge of the world.
Imp King
“…you denied his very existence, but bathe in your own iniquity.”
excerpt from “Damahur” warrior chief Kanus’s speech to the counsel
You sing the worst song in the world
but never notice
You incline to be
A servent but asked for proverbs
Somewhat stink
to bury the last of others,
Nothing to speak
To the everlasting creep,
Sections of no-dos to sleep
On masking cove,
Smiling hatred fills the void
of subtle emptiness
Oh, you feel terror as it grasped only,
I splash to alms merchants
I humiliate the humanitarian
I speak to wonders of the forthcoming
To sections forth, relaxing
I disavowed the clever,
You son of a bitch,
Disgusting menace
to ill approach
Questions of the prideful
To remember the extrovert,
Via’ extraordinary
To bow before primes sinfully
Telling yourself, “it’s a good day.”
Broadbase cry…
You search all the earth,
inside the wicket
To discover,
it is me.
-K.G. Bethlehem (2003)


Doomonster “The Imp King”

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