On Location Series #16–Woodlawn Park Underground Railroad bit of history…


The Underground Railroad Experience Trail at Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park summons the experience of enslaved freedom seekers traveling through Montgomery County, Maryland, on their way to sanctuary in the north.

This day, more precise, was quite warm. The sun gave no quarters to a hiker such as myself, but I didn’t mind. In particular, the heat gave the wanting of being in the shade, and my walks along the trail, the underground railroad trail shaded me in part by the trees in the area. The trail circle around a barn, while the Woodlawn house sat in the distance. I glance through the trees as they crowd like partygoers waiting to get inside a club, thick, yet standing strong amongst each other. They gave way to a hidden lake and other ingrown trails that were present. I did not further off the path in the underbrush, but it made me think about my ancestors who made this trek so long ago.

They escape the kingdom of racism white supremacy due to it being the refuge of human slavery. This doesn’t mean that white supremacy was only a theme of the power structure of the south in terms of slavery but it gives reasons why these groups of kidnapped Africans would travel on this path. It was needed because no human desires to lose their freedoms. You might as well ask for a person not to eat food if you demand acceptance of involuntary oppression.

Still, I loved this park. The house, the barn and the aminals that lived there. The open fields to the north of it which on that day hosted an event for the youth. The fact that I assumed centred around a party but also respected nature as dozens of children scurried the fields like they were competing in some orienteering. This historical park is a must visit if you live in the area of Mongomery County Maryland, which includes the surrounding counties.

Rest well, Elder Harriet Tubman; you are the champion of freedom forever.


Below are the videos, each progressing through our trek of Woodlawn Park.

4 thoughts on “On Location Series #16–Woodlawn Park Underground Railroad bit of history…

  1. This place must help educate people, but my reaction is unsure. These desperate, determined, hopeful, frightened people would have been staying in humble farms and workshops of Quakers and other abolitionists (including the teenage Wild Bill Hickok further west), but these pictures are of a place like a carefully-tended park. I suspect I’d find it hard to make the imaginative leap.

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