On Location Series #15 Patuxent Area of the DMV

This day, the beginning of March held several factors that were unique for an On Location adventure.  The absent of comfortable warm weather with solid nature trails.  More explanation the trails were a complex lot, solid ground one minute and soggy swamp like texture.
I found myself on several occasions, mostly the trails on the lower portion of the preserve were water log and impassible.  The walkway was blocked by broken tree branches along with numerous medium-size puddles.  I had to turn around a few times and ended up exploring the other trails.  Two that ran counter to a body of water, one that was a walkway unto a lake and the last two that theme, mountain trails due to their elevation.  The wood itself was starting to wake up as green leaves and buds started to showcase themselves.  This, however, was not apparent throughout the park and most of the trees were bare of halfway green.  The weather was not cold, nor was it warm.  My best judgement a lighter side of cool but as I was equipped with a long sleeve shirt, head cover and hiking shoes.  The bugs were there but not as much as they would have been present if this was the middle or end of spring.  Matter of fact, technically we were still in winter.

So please enjoy the pictures and I will revisit this trail in late spring or early summer.  When I do we can do a comparison of the trails, greenery and the complete atmosphere of this park.  The beauty of it is there, it was half awoken and need a few weeks of nature’s alarm clock.

Check out the videos below and thanks again for stopping by:

12 thoughts on “On Location Series #15 Patuxent Area of the DMV

      1. Very nice. Granted, I haven’t been in the Old Line State in ages, but it would be good to visit there sometime. I used to live in the Silver Spring area when I was a baby.


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