Friday Night Poetry Corner #204–Featuring Kaiserrific of St. Louis, MO

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week will divert from the norm as I am featuring a fantastic poet along with his poem. Introducing the unique, bad ass poet called Kaiserrific! Here’s an introduction of this poet-

“Poetry is not only my art, it’s my life…” – Kaiserrific (2015)

Author and spoken word poet Kaiserrific is from St. Louis, Missouri. He has performed on both the open mic and featured at numerous shows in St. Louis on the poetry scene since 2010. As well as doing out of town takeover shows in other cities such as Nashville, TN and Indianapolis, IN from 2015 to the current. Kaiserrific has self published ten books since 2012 along some of his other writings featured in several compilation books. He is managed under Secure Entertainment-STL of which he currently hosts his first open mic show I.D.G.A.F Poetry and Open Mic in St. Louis since April 2016. The show was created from his signature poem I.D.G.A.F. The concept of the show gives poets an unlimited platform to perform without judges, critics, and censorship. In some of his spare time Kaiserrific reading, writing, or rehearsing. He is the father of one son of whom he spends time teaching and grooming him into manhood. Always an avid supporter, Kaiserrific attends every open mic show to give his love and support for all artists.

The poem featured for today is–

You can read more from his well written book called “A Taste of Love” by ordering at:

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