don’t look by MelDouleur (Friday Night Poetry Corner #201

Good evening everyone one and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week, the awesome poet name Meldouleur has a nice joint called “don’t look.” Read it for yourself and see why it is called that. Also, visit her page and read more of her works. You won’t be disappointed.

Hiding by DREAMCA7CHER Hiding by DREAMCA7CHER via

see me
even when I’m trying
not to be seen
silence is your shield
but life is my armor
how I wish to be
from this weight
from this crutch
it limits every step
pins me to this page
I don’t want you
to look
I don’t want to be
but, oh, how I long for it
see me through the smoke
I’ve created
see me
even when I
can’t stand
to be seen
I’ve slipped behind
the silence
28 days
I’ve held too much
under my tongue
I don’t want
to be
the joke
but see me now
or leave me
to live
just as I am
by no one

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