More cover designs—Shadow Within A City

Good early morning. For the past 3 hours, I worked on three versions of tech design covers for Shadow Within A City ”Ghost Squad’s Apocalypse” hoping one of them can go to the final editing. I will also include the first design I’d done as well. Let me know your honest opinion, please?

Oh, I do favor surreal book covers as you can see. #scifantasy #dystopian #dystopianbooks #antiutopia #kgbethlehem #fkennethtaylor

3 thoughts on “More cover designs—Shadow Within A City

  1. I like the second cover the best, but I’m not crazy about the font. I don’t think they work together. You need a more apocalyptic font. I know that sounds vague and I can’t even suggest something because I don’t have a font chart in front of me. But the second cover, with its understated artwork, is bold and makes me wonder what those streaks are about. Hmm, I wonder what’s inside…where will the story take me?

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