Midwest Trumpet Player of Union Blvd. (Friday Night Poetry Corner #189)

Mixing jazz music

Good evening everyone and welcome to the continuing, fantastic Friday Night Poetry Corner.  Today I will feature one of my poems and as usual, it’s an old one.  Somewhat regrettably, I do not write any new poetry that much, maybe 2-3 times a year if that.  I use to put pen to paper a lot but drifted away from that discipline.

A rather fun discipline.


Anyway, I hope you guys…


Wait I didn’t finish telling you why I don’t write as much poetry anymore??

Nevermind, just read this joint and thanks again for stopping by.


Midwest Trumpet Player of Union Blvd.



He amazed the great song player

of northeast St. Louis,

The chance of love

stage base emotions

sock base trumpet melodies

and soft voices emotes…

my inner,

the winner

of mind blogging surface gestures,

engaged the would-be audience

of my favor,

so I savour

the man within

I grin,

the love of changing faces,

I love

wait– I mean, I crave

your attention

in crisp romance

of boiling heat

fire dances advances

this was my favorite tune

my famous song,

my essence of pure anything

surpass my everything

even my jealous side,

humble to your smile.



-K.G. Bethlehem

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