Happy New Year and a very special thanks…

Everyone I want to thank for all the support you gave me for the entire year.  This year I have seen a growth in writing that resulted in more sells, exposure, focus and making connections with other writers and artist.  There have been changes, some good and some bad but it balances out to a … Continue reading Happy New Year and a very special thanks…

Domestic Melancholia – An Original Poem (Friday Night Poetry Corner #191





Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week is a thought-provoking poem that is much needed these days in time. Everyone who lives by you works near you might be dealing something. Maybe serious or not. Maybe a friend or family member. Please read this and take time to reflect on the meaning of this nicely written work of art. The name of his piece is called “Domestic Melancholia” by a poet name Tina.

Also please visit this poet’s page and read more good writing. You won’t be disappointed.


We are young

self.JPGHer place is underneath the laundry she left to decompose last month.
Her house becomes a Havisham, a destination long forgotten.
The clocks stop, the walls and windows grow grayer.
The plants in her window slouch from their negligent mother.
The machine archived voicemails into ancient history.
The friends she never called back, their pictures on the walls
like portraits of dead saints, they gaze in eternal judgment.
This purgatory her mind built that she lives in day after day.   
She will never leave it behind, because how can you escape
a prison others deem as fictitious.


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