On Location Series #9–US VIRGIN ISLANDS (Part II)

The vacation on the breathtaking Virgin Islands of the United States continued with a stop at Paradise Point.  Its view was crazy impressive.  You could see directly down towards the bay, I believe it was Coral Bay.  The picture just captures a portion of its beauty.  We drank the famous hurricanes and yes they were good.  Another thing that was refreshing was the lift train we took going up to the top.  You got to see more of the island from that point of view.  At the top, there were restaurants and a few gift shops.  Again the hurricanes and the view were gifts to me.
We visited Coral World and saw the animals that were familiar to the region.  Starfishes, sea lions, among many types of others fishes were viewed.  The park itself was a decent size, you could go underneath the water to visit the museum.  You could walk on the surface of the upper floor of the ocean, embarking a guided tour.  I choose to not dot that option but I enjoyed eying my surroundings and taking mental photographs of the expected and most expected.
My love for this place grew with each minute of living.

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