The Rebirth Everlasting (Friday Night Poetry Corner #177)

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week is a new poem by myself and it was inspired by a good friend, Ms. Jane Ngugi, who is visiting India on a spiritual journey.  The name of this is called, “The Rebirth Everlasting.”  Thanks again for visiting and see you guys next week!

The Rebirth Everlasting

His eyes, distance the past in submission


his mouth moved in mystery, as he forsakes


His part bathed in fire,

it cleaned all his skin to submission

her heart longs for closure,

the waters were a purification of non-mystery

her eyes glared for the everlasting soul

in learning, she learned so greatly

in music, it soothes her completely

the waters were classic, so beautiful in pridefulness

I assumed you thought the same way

he was graceful, the meeting two were something,

she explained without moving her lips.

-K. G. Bethlehem

*pictures taken by Jane Ngugi

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